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Some Tips for Supporting Online Creators

Desk with laptop.
The desk where the MGL magic happens!

We all have those creators that we check in with frequently. Maybe it’s on Instagram, their music on Spotify, a podcast or a blog. There is so much digital content available today that it can be really easily taken for granted. There is always something new to see and engage in and it all moves so fast.

We have become mindless consumers, giving little thought to the individuals behind that tiny avatar. Chances are, whoever they are, they are just like you: they go to bed every night thinking about their plan for the following day, they make meals for their family, they put their trousers on one leg at a time. They probably have deadlines to worry about and bills to pay. They probably worry about how their content is received.

Its hard not to loose track as you mindlessly scroll through the various apps. Scroll, scroll, like, scroll. Please don’t think that I am try to patronise or berate when I describe these kinds of interactions online – I’m really not! I’ve just been casting an eye inward and I’m describing my own behaviour. Perhaps you are a better time keeper than I and you don’t loose blocks of time to the ‘nothing’ of the mindless scroll!

If I enjoy somebody’s content, I try to support them and this does not mean getting your purse out every time – for goodness sake, we’d be broke! There are lots of other ways we can support those creators.

Some Tips for Supporting Online Creators

  • Like and share their content.

  • Interact with them online. Make comments and use actual words.

  • If they have other accounts, follow those too. It will cost you nothing.

  • Leave them feedback or a review, especially if you have purchased their products.

  • Be part of their larger audience. Watch their videos, visit their website. Spend a little time with them on their own turf.

  • Subscribe to their channels, this way you can be kept up to date about new contact at its source.

  • Amplify their voice. Share their message and link back to their content. If you like a post for example, you can share it on your own account (linking back to the source/their account of course!)

  • Do they have a newsletter? Join their mailing list to better keep up to date with what they are up to.

  • Do they use ads? Click the ad or allow it to play. Those are income streams for them, so take a breath and let them play all the way through.

  • Do they have affiliate links, sponsorships or partnerships? You can click those links and be sure to use the promo codes… you might even get a discount!

  • Are they selling a physical or digital product? This might be a course, a book or some artisan wares. Maybe if it is within your budget, you might be able to purchase. This would be a big win for them because usually these will be the main product they are selling.

  • Do they have premium content? You may be able to get plenty of content for free, but for a small fee, monthly or annually, you can get access to extra.

  • Are they on Patreon? Again, you pay a monthly fee to this platform and receive the content. There are different tiers, each allowing access to more or less content. This means that you can work within your budget.

  • Do they have Merch? If you want to go the extra mile, making a purchase of branded goods that will help spread their message is a great way to do it.

A large part of the whole idea of Social Media is community, so instead of merely standing on the outskirts, join the party and be a part of the story!



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