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An Afternoon at Airfield

I’m not often up in Dublin, bit on Saturday I had to make a trip north. It took me past Dundrum and on a whim, I turned off the M11 towards Airfield Estate. I had never visited this market before, but I had heard about it anecdotally. All the reports were positive. Furthermore, a friend of mine, Margaret from Kilmullen Farm ( sells her beautiful, grass-fed lamb there and I had been seeing Airfield pop up on her Instagram feed and stories.

I parked up and spent about an hour there – it was a lovely autumn afternoon, bright and warm. There was a musician playing and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere about the place: young families trying to corral and contain toddlers, folks browsing the stalls and others enjoying lunch.

I enjoyed looking at the stalls myself. There was so much to see and this market has a really unusual feature: while it is mostly outdoor, the stalls are set up under proper cover, including some being housed in repurposed shipping containers. This means that they are all pretty weatherproof in regards to wind and rain. In Ireland with our ‘special’ weather, that’s good news!

I came home with so many treats, far too many in fact! Bread, buns, fruit, cheese, sundried tomatoes and even some apple juice from Kilmullen Farm (- thank you Margaret!).There was so much to see and I cannot wait to visit again soon. I’d like to take a little more time next time and not be in such a rush!

Perhaps I will wait until closer to Christmas… I’m sure there will be plenty of treats and more besides


If you'd like further details about Airfield Estate and Farmer's Market, please check out the following link:


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