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Old Fashioned on Purpose

You may remember that some time ago I spoke about supporting online creators. Well, I’m here to tell you about one way I’m doing just that!

Books in a basket
I was so excited when my books arrived!

One of the shows that is frequently on my Spotify playlist is the ‘Old Fashioned on Purpose’ podcast by The Prairie Homestead’. I really enjoy it and Jill Winger, the host, is an absolute wealth of information.

I first started listening to it during the pandemic and have learned so much from her. She discusses all sorts of topics from health to homesteading, culture and community to supply-chain. I look forward to new episodes every week.

Book with tea cup
Really looking forward to sitting down with this book and a cup of tea.

When I heard about Jill’s first publication, ‘The Prairie Homestead Cookbook’, I went straight out to find it. Obviously, here in Ireland it was not on the bookshelves, so I was able to order it from a local bookshop and I waited impatiently for its delivery to the store so I could go and collect it! Like her podcast, it is well written, easy to follow and filled with delicious recipes. I use her sourdough recipe when I’m attempting a loaf!

Book wrapped as a gift
Ready to gift!

A large part of Jill’s philosophy is about returning to older ways of doing things. Food preservation for example is no longer something practiced by the masses – it’s easier to just buy convenient foods at the store.

This new book ‘Old Fashioned on Purpose – Cultivating a Slower, More Joyful Life’ explores this concept further, leaning into the idea of the loss of what used to be basic survival skills. We have forgotten basic skills that used to be ‘par for the course, like growing our own garden. Now we are more interested in our high-speed technology and access to limitless information. Convenience is the order of the day in everything we do.

When my postman (thank you Stephen!) dropped off this package I was so excited because I had preordered it a couple of months ago. Not only that, I had ordered two copies – one for me of course, but also one for a friend that has similar interests to me. Getting my teeth into this will be great – I cannot wait! This is a path I too have been on. I’m not anywhere near as skilled as Jill but I am gradually learning new skills: fermentation, sourdough baking, dehydration and pressure canning to name a few!


If you’d like more information about Jill Winger and her book ‘Old Fashioned on Purpose’, visit the Prairie Homestead website at:


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