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Farmyard Frolics


Living rurally is truly a blessing for us, but luckily in Ireland, you are never too far away from the countryside. We are a farming family and one of the most rewarding aspects of that life is working with animals and living in harmony with nature.


Everything we do is governed by the weather and the seasons. It affects our animal's health, our ability to provide and perserve fodder for the winter and even mortality rates at lambing time.


Every day, a walk in the fields shows the progression of the year: trees coming into leaf, the busy toing and froing of parent birds with worms, flowers blossoming, fruits ripening, leaves falling. And on the farm, well, there is a constant ebb and flow throughout the year, from tupping time, through the winter when the sheep are tucked up and cosy in their sheds, to lambs in spring and ample grazing in summer.

Our hope at Misty Green Living is that we can help folks to learn how to:

  • Respect the countryside.

  • Forage for some easily identified ingredients.

  • Source food locally.

  • Understand about ethical treatment of animals.

  • Enjoy the changing seasons.

We will be using a number of different media types to help you out: podcasts, videos, blogposts, so watch this space!

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