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Kitchen Cookin'


It is clichéd to say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but in so many ways, it is the hub that all home activities revolve around. Typically, cooking, eating and socialising are done here, and I find that when I am at home, even when I am not physically working in the kitchen itself, there are multiple trips in and out of it for snack, drinks and the like.


Without a doubt, the most essential task that we perform in the kitchen is cooking. We prepare meals multiple times a day - for ourselves, our families, our friends – and depending on the day in question it may be a lazy, leisurely affair or, when we’re busy, it may involve heating up a ready-meal. There’s no judgement here! We just want to help you to be able to have a back up plan for those busy days!


Our hope at Misty Green Living is that we can help folks to learn how to:

  • Cook meals from scratch.

  • Use simple, local ingredients.

  • Make a meal plan.

  • Bulk cook meals.

  • Preserve in season fresh fruit and vegetables

We will be using a number of different media types to help you out: podcasts, videos, blogposts, so watch this space!

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