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Garden Growin'


Getting out in the garden is a great way of shaking off the stresses of the day and boosting your mood. If you don't have a garden, just being outdoors helps: go to a local park or just take a walk and soak up the nature around you: listen to the birds, admire the trees, feel the sun (or sometimes more aptly in Ireland, the rain) on your skin.

A garden is also great if you want to grow your own food. Maybe you're thinking: "Hey, I don't have a garden, this doesn't apply to me!" but it really does. Growing your own food can be done in the tiniest of spaces: on a balcony or window box, even on a window sill.

As you rise to the challenge and fall in love with being able to provide your family with fresh nutritious meals from your own garden, you'll find that there are lots of other ways you can increase the productivity of your plot.

Our hope at Misty Green Living is that we can help folks to learn how to:

  • Plan and start a garden.

  • Understand soil & their garden's eco system.

  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

  • Learn about seed saving.

  • Learn about keeping poultry

We will be using a number of different media types to help you out: podcasts, videos, blogposts, so watch this space!

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