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About Us


The inspiration for Misty Green Living came to me in the midst of the global pandemic that we are still combating. I found myself with more time on my hands: time to think, time to read, time to do the things that I love to do.

We've all heard the testimonials about sourdough and the craze that seemed to have everybody making banana bread, but it all made me think - with their time less congested, people were getting back to the simpler crafts that they often didn't have time for while trying to juggle work, family, socialising and a myriad of other commitments.

I thought then of how I was spending my time: cooking, gardening, making jam: essentially doing the same thing. But while these tasks were not unfamiliar to me, for lots of people they were untertaking new projects that they hadn't tried before, because now they had this previously unattainable thing at their disposal: time.

It made me wonder if I could be of help to them, guiding them along on their new journey, helping them to hone their skills, and from that, the idea for Misty Green Living was born.

Leonie Byrne

Founder, Misty Green Living

30th July 2020

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