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Catching Up

At this time of year, I always seem to completely loose control of my list making tactics.

There are lists for everything: freezer inventories (yes, multiple inventories, I have three freezers!), shopping lists for the lambing shed, grocery lists for home, pre-lambing task lists for home and the farm… so many lists!

Lambing time, or ‘March’ as you may know it, is a milestone time of the year for us because it is such a hectic period in the year for us. It involves gruelling hours in the shed and at it’s peak, there will be somebody with the sheep pretty much twenty-four hours a day. It is not that we’re that obsessive about our animals. Its more that it is easier to fix problems as they arise. It means that we can give the new-born lambs the best possible shot at not only surviving, but thriving.

So, while I am snatching hours at home in this preparatory few weeks, I try to cook a bit extra so there are dinners both in the fridge and freezer. Everywhere is tidied and organised as best I can. I’m getting on top of laundry and getting some of those spring cleaning jobs done too. From the beginning of March until mid-April, any household maintenance will be very much on the back burner.

I also get boring tasks like paperwork up to date. I don’t love doing paperwork and I don’t hate it. However, I do love when I have a clear inbox and the pressure is off in that regard! Paying bills, filing, getting our statements, filing tax returns, there is plenty of administration to be done to keep everything running seamlessly behind the scenes. Having it all up to date and tidied away means I can breath a little easier.

I suspect that I’ll be pretty quiet on here for the next couple of months. If you call back here in the next couple of months and there have been no new entries, don’t worry, it just means that I have gone to ground in the lambing shed! I’ll be back when I have a little more time to share what we’re up to!



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