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A Quick Update

I’ve been gone AWOL again for a while. I won’t kid myself that I have been missed: I know you have all been far to busy in my absence. I have been busy too, and that is a large part of why I had to shelve Misty Green Living for a while.

Family, farm, home, garden: it all became a little too much to juggle and while also maintain all that goes alongside a social media presence, I found that I kept dropping the ball to the ill benefit of my personal requirements and responsibilities.

It would only be ‘little things that I would miss or forget, but when caring for a family and animals, that is all it can take for a major disaster to happen. I hasten to add that there was no disaster, but I could see how I wasn’t managing, overstretched as I was.

Often (or if I’m honest, nearly always), it wouldn’t be me who picked up on my error, but my husband. He now works five full days so he is similarly busy and exhausted by the end of the week. (Did I mention that he gets up at four AM during the week and often does not get home until seven PM?) Picking up my slack was obviously frustrating to him and I would berate myself every time I failed in my responsibilities.

My inability to keep up caused many rebukes and much squabbling. I just seemed to be utterly distracted. As I tried to improve my habits, I found I was second guessing myself constantly and I was utterly paranoid. Paranoid of myself! Stupid anxiety will do that to you. My solution was to, again, pare back my tasks to just those that were really necessary.

I think it is important to share our failings as well as our successes online. The internet and social media seem awash with perfect people who never err in their ways. This isn’t reality.

Daily, I have my personal challenges and when it all gets a little too much, usually when I try to overstretch myself, I need to come up with a game-plan to dig myself out of the hole I have created. My current solution is to step away from my role as an online creator.

I hope you will bear with me, gentle reader, while I try to tune up my life-skills, so that I can do a better job as mother, wife and farmer. See you on the other side.

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