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The Unknown

As a farmer, I spend a lot of time outdoors. It is wonderful for body, mind and soul. I am lucky to have beautiful views, thriving hedgerows and lush pastures, and this does not escape me. I am thankful every day.

As the days start to really noticeably stretch in Spring, I watch in wonder as the trees come in to bud and their leaves unfurl. I imagine all of the little animals that must also be waking from their long winter nap, to start the cycle of life anew.

To call this 'poetry' is surely an indulgence... but please allow me to do so anyway.

The Unknown

Frosty mornings give way

To wet dew on grass -

Crunch underfoot

Becomes a gentle swish.

The Sun rises in the sky:

She takes a longer journey

Towards the horizon.

The clock ticks longer in the daylight,

Hours stretch ahead of us

Far into the unknown.

Soon the baby things

Will start to emerge:

Cosy and protected in the dark

They must learn to venture out

Fearlessly into the sunshine:

To explore and to eat

And to grow.

Kits, pups and cubs,

They must be brave

And face what is to come.

The winter has been too long.

It is now time to shed

Our protective layers.

We cling to them

For safety and for warmth -

Protection against the elements.

The cold begins to subside

Mercury rising, everyday higher

Bringing in its wake more light,

New life and a bright future.

So then, we too must stand

Tall and bold.

We too must look to the future.

And greet it with hope

And love and strength.

We must venture forth,

We must be fearless.

Taking those first steps

Into the light

To embrace The Unknown.



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