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to every day living.

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Kitchen Cookin'

delicious, nutritious & cooked from scratch.

You love a meal that is filled with flavour, seasonal ingredients and leaves you feeling satisfied. We do too. We can create so much greatness in our kitchen: if you want to learn more about using simple ingredients, food preservation, meal planning and even batch cooking, we have plenty to get you started and the more skills we can learn in regards to stocking our pantry, the better.


Garden Growin'

sowing, nurturing & harvesting.

Filled with colour and birdsong, your outdoor space lets you connect directly with the seasons: feeling the warm summer sun on your face or the crisp cold of a winter's morning. A garden that is filled with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers will be your number one ally on your journey towards being more self reliant.  "Grow your own" no matter your level of knowledge, budget  or the size of your patch .

Farmyard Frolics

foraging, farm animals & field trips.

With such an abundent landscape, you can escape to  any number of idyllic coutryside retreats without travelling too far. A half hour drive can bring you from the depths of gridlock chaos to the great outdoors. Learn more about where your food comes from or introduce some other ways of being more productive, there are lots of options: from seasonal foraging of the hedgerows to unearthing timeworn skills.


"Get in your kitchens, buy unprocessed foods, turn off the television and prepare your own food. This is liberating!"

- Joel Salatin -

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