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Getting Back on the Horse

I’ve been gone for a while. What can I say, life got busier and I had to prioritize my energies. By the time I had divided myself out between family and farm, there just wasn’t that much left over. I felt like I was always racing - running to catch up - but worse than that, I was constantly falling behind, dropping the ball and overall not achieving what I needed to.

I found that I was loosing a lot of hours during the week with nothing to show for it. I decided it was time to ‘trim the fat’ and my presence on social media was where I felt I could gain some hours while also reducing stress.

As you may remember, my husband and I run a flock of some three hundred sheep. As a general rule, he works away from home anywhere from three to five days a week. I keep things running while he is gone and then, we’ll tackle larger tasks (like dosing the sheep) at weekends and when we’re both there.

Our son Luke is now twelve, almost thirteen, so he has started secondary school. Thankfully for now, his extra-curricular schedule is pretty light, but there are still plenty of balls in the air.

So, I’m back. For now, at least. I’ve been on a personal journey for the past nine months or so too, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get better at working towards projects that I value and enjoy instead of just prioritising the care of everyone else!

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